Message in a Bottle

Message in a bottle is a simple idea which allows emergency information to be kept in a small plastic bottle which is easily and quickly found by the Emergency Services in an emergency

Carterton Lions introduced the Message in a Bottle scheme in 2002 in Oxfordshire on a countywide basis and well over 100,000 bottles have been issued since.  The idea was  then picked up by Lions Clubs nationally. 

Carterton Lions also facilitate the supply of bottles across the South Central Health Authority where the Message in a Bottle is a key part of the developing End of Life care packages being developed across the UK.

The process is simple:

*  Do Not Attempt CPR - a process agreed between you, your family and your physicians where CPR is not appropriate - essential
guidance for the Ambulance Service to ensure your wishes are followed

As of early 2019, over 130,000 Message in a Bottles have been distributed across Oxfordshire alone, and the numbers increase every day!

Message in a Bottle is free to the user and is funded by the Lions, but where organisations become heavy users of the Bottles ie: NHS, or age related charities, then a donation may be sought to support the scheme.

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