Queens Award for Voluntary Service Press Release

Carterton Lions are delighted to confirm that they have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) in this Jubilee Year, 2012.    The QAVS is described by the Cabinet Office as “the MBE for volunteer groups”.

The Club was formed in 1985 and their current twenty-four members (male and female) all have the clear aim of working together to benefit their local and the wider community – achieving goals together which they could not do as individuals.   They provide a broad spectrum of service and support activities supported by appropriate fund-raising in Carterton and the surrounding towns and villages.

The QAVS process began in September of 2011 when the Rev Bill Blakey of St John the Evangelist Church in Carterton nominated the Club.  With support from senior figures in the Town Council and the South Central Strategic Health Authority, the application underwent rigorous scrutiny at various levels. Two of Oxfordshire’s Deputy Lord-Lieutenants examined evidence offered by the Club and interviewed the President of the Lions, John Radburn, and there followed further progress through the appropriate channels.   The Club has now heard that the Award has been granted and a scroll has been signed by the Queen herself in readiness for presentation to the Club at a suitable time by the Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire


  2. Each year the club provides a party and entertainment for over 100 senior citizens.

  4.   Carterton Lions have also taken the lead in facilitating the provision of these Bottles to the whole of the South Central Strategic Health Authority as an essential part of the Authority’s End of Life Care strategy.  Over 70,000 Bottles have been provided in Oxfordshire alone. 


  9. Carterton Lions volunteered to help the County, District and Town Councils by providing manpower to assist and have a team of volunteers ready to help with car parking.   Their role has become much broader as they meet the friends and wider families of the returning soldier and provide help and advice – somewhere to eat – somewhere to get flowers – and even a packet of tissues to help dry tears.

  10. The environment is a key project and the Lions have provided help with the creation of wildflower meadows and vegetable gardens in local schools

The Lions International tag-line is “Ordinary People doing Amazing Things” – Carterton Lions are living up to that aim.

We would particularly like to thank everyone in Carterton and the surrounding area for their continuing support for our various projects, without which this award would not have been possible





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