Repatriations of Fallen Soldiers, carried out for the last four years from RAF Lyneham, has become a responsibility of RAF Brize Norton since September 2011.  This task is unique to RAF Brize Norton and to the Carterton Lions

A Memorial Garden has been created and large numbers of people come to the gardens to pay their respects as the cortege passes.  Carterton Lions were asked to facilitate the main parking for the event, which involves parking large numbers of cars and motor cycles.Repatriation

Many of these are local people, but military colleagues, and family and friends of the Servicemen, many who have travelled significant distances, need our help and sympathetic support on the day.

Experience since September 2011 has proven that in addition to parking vehicles, Club members often spend time with family members providing support and guidance to local facilities or directing to the British Legion facilities specifically for families at the Pavillion, adjacent to the Memorial Gardens

The length of a Repatriation day is determined by the anticipated time of arrival of the aircraft and the numbers of soldiers being repatriated.  Typically during winter, our day starts at 08:00 and finishes around 15:00 due to the dark evenings.  During lighter evenings, the aircraft lands later and the cortege may not clear until after 18:00.

Manpower demands vary on a number of factors, and a flexible rota has been designed to accommodate the variables.

Potentially, this task may occur weekly until at least 2014, when it is anticipated that UK troops will withdraw from Afghanistan.  After this time, Brize Norton will likely remain the base through which repatriations from any theatre of war involving UK servicemen will take place and the Carterton Lions will continue to provide support as needed.

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