International Aid

As a Club we are great believers of charity beginning at home, but clearly there are international disasters happening throughout the world which need support.  Much was learned from the Tsunami in 2004 where many organisations donated money to the cause, but much of it was not used effectively due to lack of infrastructure in the areas affected. Many of the countries affected by such disasters have ineffective or corrupt administrations, and ensuring any money donated reaches the problem area is rather unreliable.

As a result of this, Carterton Lions try to support international efforts where there is a local link, and shortly after the earthquakes in Haiti in 2010 and we were fortunate to hear of Dr Joanna Cherry who was working at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Dr Cherry spends several months each year working in a childrens' spinal unit in Port au Prince and we contacted her to see how we might help.

Being a very poor country, levels of nutrition in Haiti are poor, making post-operative healing a long process, so we have provided nutrition supplements which speed the rate of recovery

Dr Cherry and a colleague have also recently formed "Project Stitch", a workshop to train a number of amputee patients to use specially adapted sewing machines to produce articles of clothing, providing meaningful work and income for patients who would otherwise be unable to work, and we also support this project


Click HERE to see details of projectstitch


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